Rape / Gross Sexual Imposition / Pandering

Being charged with any type of sexual misconduct can create serious problems for an individual. The repercussions of such a charge can linger long past your acquittal or indictment. In many cases, a rape or sexual assault charge can lead to loss of employment, the break up of a marriage or harassment from the victim’s family or the community. If you have been charged with rape, gross sexual imposition or pandering, you need an attorney who practice areas include those extremely sensitive situations.

Ohio and Michigan Rape Defense Lawyers

Groth & Associates are Ohio and Michigan rape defense lawyers with the knowledge and experience to deal with charges that result from various types of inappropriate conduct. Rape, pandering and gross sexual imposition are traumatic events that can alter a person’s life forever. When a person is charged with these specific crimes, there life is forever altered as well. It makes no difference if they are guilty or not. Once a charge like this is filed against a person, their innocence does not negate the types of treatment they may receive for the rest of their lives. As attorneys, it is not only important that we provide our clients with the best possible defense, but we help to maintain their positive reputation for as long as possible.

Groth & Associates

The staff and attorneys at Groth & Associates have dedicated themselves to helping individuals who have been charged with serious sex crimes overcome the stigma of being labeled as an “offender” We have several years of experience working in the field and have gained vast amounts of knowledge dealing with almost every type of sex crime listed on the books. Although this is an extremely sensitive area of practice, we handle each of our cases aggressively and decisively.

We make every attempt to ensure that our clients’ ordeal is as stress free as possible. We also understand the serious nature of the crimes they are charged with and strive to make sure that every precaution is taken to protect their rights as well as their reputation. We also attempt to respect the situation of the victim as much as possible. Each case must be handled with the utmost discretion. Our goal is to make sure everyone involved is treated fairly and that justice is served. While not every case will end in victory, we are there to make sure our clients get the representation they deserve in accordance with the law.